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olos o kosmos einai edw …ma ekeinos apousiazei..ki ena maxairi dikopo mes sti kardia me sfazei…. 

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den elpizw tipota…

den fovamai tipota…

eimai leu8eros….

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impossible – James Arthur


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Viva la Vida, so the Coldplay title goes. It’s a sentiment seldom expressed by artists of a certain brand—the kind who prefers to brood over loss, transience, and death. In a way it’s easier: sorrow and poignancy often go together in serious art, whereas happiness is considered trite, banal; there are many more types of sadness than joy. And with a subject like death—how not to be fatalistic? How to find happiness?

“Bring tissues,” a friend warned me before I saw Amour. Michael Haneke’s film, starring Jean-Louis Trintignant and Emmanuelle Riva, follows an elderly couple’s struggle against the final betrayal of the body. In it human expiry is a horrible spectacle, involving stages of decay and deterioration, disgraceful in the utmost. Amour confirms everything we know to be true about death, and amplifies it to an almost intolerable note. This impression is made all the more strongly by…

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η διαφθορα ειναι το πιο αλανθαστο συμπτωμα συνταγματικησ ελευθεριας…

“Edward Gibbon” @minamarquez 
@Rapadoo Observateur

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